Covid-19 Information-Seeking Behavior (Study on Pokja Kelurahan Sehat Karangbesuki's Committee)


  • Diah Lutfiani Brawijaya University
  • Aulia Puspaning Galih Brawijaya University



The purpose of this study is to find out, explain, and analyze the information-seeking behavior of COVID-19 conducted by Kelompok Kerja (POKJA) Kelurahan Sehat Karangbesuki’s Committee. There are eight indicators used based on Ellis’s Information-seeking Behavior Model such as; starting, chaining, browsing, differentiating, monitoring, extracting, verifying, and ending. This study used a mixed approach (mixed method). The results of this study indicate that the information-seeking behavior at the starting, chaining, and ending stages of the Kelompok Kerja (POKJA) Kelurahan Sehat Karangbesuki’s Committee is carrying out well. Furthermore, at the stage of browsing, differentiating, monitoring, extracting, and verifying, it is quite good. Middle-age is the age demographics majority of Kelompok Kerja (POKJA) Kelurahan Sehat Karangbesuki contribute the results of information-seeking behavior. This study shows how well Ellis’s Information-seeking Behavior Model analyzes information-seeking behavior and guides people to get information as they need.


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