Analysis of NGO Knowledge Transfer in Supporting The Inclusive Village Development (Study at Lingkar Sosial Indonesia)


  • Pungky Wardhani Brawijaya University
  • Farida Nuraini Brawijaya University
  • Anita Tri Widiyawati Brawijaya University



Knowledge transfer understood as the activity of transferring knowledge from one unit to another. These units include NGOs, such as Linksos Indonesia that knowledge transfer through meetings and training. Therefore, researchers interested in conducting research with the Analysis of NGO Knowledge Transfer in Supporting Inclusive Village Development (Studies at Lingkar Sosial Indonesia). This study uses qualitative method and descriptive approach. The results,  the knowledge transfer step at Linksos Indonesia has begun to enter all steps of knowledge transfer, namely; initiation, implementation, rump-up, and integration steps. The factors that become challenges from the knowledge transfer step all came from internal characteristics.


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